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Regardless of the eternal debate on whether the size of the penis is really important or not to enjoy a full sex life, often men all over the world pose the following question: “Is my penis normal?” A new study establishes the standard measures that a penis must have to be within “normality”, and it is something less than what we believed until now.

The research, led by Dr. David Veale, of the King’s College London and the NHS Foundation Trust, has been carried out with the aim of creating a chart that includes measurements of the male penis covering a wide range of ages and races. “The results can be useful in advising men who are worried about their size, some of whom are so distressed that they can even be diagnosed with serious disorders,” explains Laura Donnelly in The Telegraph. The complexes, anxieties and worries to adjust or not to the norm are over. Probably your penis is within the new established average. Or not?

Do you have a normal penis?

For years it has been believed that the “normal” size of the penis should be around 15 centimeters, but this accepted and assumed average seems to have changed. The new average actually lowers the average by more than two centimeters.

After conducting 17 studies that measured the size of the penis of more than 15,000 men, most of them Caucasians and Orientals, the research establishes a new maximum and minimum dimensions on the size of the penis in terms of length are 13.24 centimeters with the penis erect and 9.16 centimeters when it is flaccid. Another major debates that help many men to comfort – or approach is desperately frustrated that no matter both the size and the thickness of the penis. Well, the study establishes an average circumference of 11.66 centimeters erect and 9.31 at rest.

To establish the measurements, they were based on a minimum scale of 4.8 centimeters for the smallest and 21.2 for the largest, always in an erect state. If you do not have a ruler or tape measure on hand, count on a 5 euro bill that measures 12 centimeters long and one of 50 about 14 centimeters. In case you happen to exceed the average, and being careful not to cut with the edge of the sheet, it will also be useful to know that an A4 sheet is 29.7 centimeters long and 21 centimeters wide.

Small penises, tranquility for millions of men

Dr. Veale is convinced of the social work that his study can provide to millions of men around the world who suffer some kind of complex in terms of the size of their manhood: “We believe that these graphics will help doctors to reassure the vast majority of men to be aware that the size of their penis is within the normal range.”

Knowing if the proportions of your penis are normal or not obsesses many men. But beyond comments or sympathetic comparisons with friends and acquaintances, some may end up suffering from what is known as body dysmorphic disorder: an obsessive concern about the size of your penis that generates a lot of anguish and complexes that should be treated with the help of professionals.

The concern for size even encourages many men to undergo penis enlargement treatments. Without going any further, according to the latest report of the International Society of Aesthetic Surgery (ISAPS), of the almost 15,000 operations recorded in 2013 around the world, the Germans staged a fifth of the total followed by Venezuela and Spain, in second and third place, which together covered 6.3%.

The world scale (in size)

The researchers of the Institute of Psychiatry have developed this study with the aim of establishing the average of what is considered “normal” in terms of length and thickness of the penis, but the study does not draw conclusions about the differences in sizes according to the different breeds In fact, formal systematic reviews of penis size measurements have not been made so far nor has there been any attempt to create a graphic diagram showing the worldwide distribution of flaccid or erect penis size by race or age.

Satisfied with their penises?

The research also mentions a large-scale study conducted in 2006 that analyzed the degree of satisfaction of men with respect to the size of their penises. And they also asked the women. The study showed that many of the complexes acquired due to the size of their penis did not worry the females so much, that in 85% of the cases they declared to be satisfied with the size of the penises of their partners. On the other hand, only 55% of men were happy with their measures.

The size-height correlation, does it exist?

An investigation, published in ‘The British Journal of Urology International’, discovered a fact much more revealing than the average size – although many thought it was around 15 centimeters, and they were wrong – and that belies an extended popular belief: Researchers found that there is a positive correlation between the length of the erect penis and the height of men.

Although they warn that the influence is not excessive, the fact is that the theory of the inverted ‘L’ that you have seen many times to friends and acquaintances to joke with the idea that the taller someone is less size will fit in your crotch, it is false.