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Most of the time, abdominal pain occurs as a result of the accumulation of gas. However, depending on the intensity, it may be the symptom of a condition that may or may not be important. The important thing is the observation of the discomfort: Is it maintained? When does it appear? What relieves it and what does not?

Regardless of its location, the truth is that pain is always a symptom of a certain reality, of greater or lesser importance. For this reason it should not be overlooked. Given its prolonged appearance and medium to severe intensity, it is best to go to the doctor for a physical evaluation.

Abdominal pain on the left side

The abdominal pain on the left side can not be neglected or overlooked, since it is in this area where organs such as the pancreas, the stomach, the left kidney, or the left part of the liver are located. We will be concerned when these factors appear together:

  • Duration. It is not limited to suffer an isolated day, to suffer a discomfort for a few hours and then disappear or reappear the following month. The reality of abdominal pain on the left side will be considered important when you experience it regularly or when you experience it right after meals.
  • Traits of pain. Is it like a hot plate? or a dry and very sharp pain? In case that is so, it is not a slight annoyance that comes and goes, as it would be in the case of gases.
  • Interaction with medications. In case of taking an analgesic to alleviate that abdominal pain, the discomfort may disappear, although it becomes patent a few hours or the next day.

Possible causes

1. Pancreatitis

This is the most common cause. The pancreatitis is manifested evidently, given the intensity of pain and symptoms such as fever, vomiting, palpitations, among others. It is very important to pay attention to the way we chew, the speed with which we eat, how is digestion and, of course, what foods do when you finish eating feel heaviness and abdominal pain on the left side.

2. Intestinal obstruction

Neither liquids nor ingested food can move through the intestine, which, stay in the same place and cause great discomfort ranging from inflammation of the organs to vomiting and abdominal pain on the left side very intensely, with expansion towards the rest of the stomach. Who suffers from a bowel obstruction can get to have fever, weakness and, of course, impossibility both to expel gases through the anus and to evacuate.

3. Diverticulosis

The diverticulosis is pus-filled bumps along the digestive tract. Inflammation and infection are the causes of the pain being so intense. In these cases, one suffers from nausea, vomiting, constipation and diarrhea (in interspersed episodes) and even, rectal bleeding.

4. Kidney stones

Abdominal pain on the left side may be a result of kidney stones. During their training, there are usually no problems. However, when they reach a relevant size, they cause pain when trying to leave the organism. It should be noted that this discomfort can be located as a left abdominal pain, but eye, also usually reflected in the lumbar area on that same side. At the height of the kidney.

5. Polycystic ovary syndrome

When a woman has one or more cysts in the left ovary, this may be the cause of pain in that part of the abdomen. How does it manifest? Well, you feel a discomfort in this area, without having performed exercises or having received a blow. On the other hand, menstrual irregularity, nausea and persistent discomfort both in the abdomen in general and on the left side, may indicate the presence of cysts.

Other possible causes

There are foods that make us feel bad and our body reacts, defends itself. Gases produced by certain foods, added to a fast and restless form of eating, cause abdominal pain on the left side. And, although it seems curious, it is common to accumulate on only one side of the abdomen.

Moreover, the psychosomatic disorders can potentially cause localized at a specific point of the body aches. In general, these are usually accompanied by poor digestion, gas and other general discomfort. In view of this, it is important to learn to manage our emotions correctly.

To conclude, remind you once again that when abdominal pain persists and the resulting symptoms prevent normal life, it is necessary to go to the doctor to assess the situation and give timely treatment. Self-medication is completely discouraged, since this can hide the symptoms of a bigger problem.